Amy Hoeksema

Counsellors, Teachers - Elementary - Grade 3/4


Hello Everyone!

My name is Amy Hoeksema. Starting in September, I will be teaching Grade 3. I was first introduced to my students 2 years ago, while doing a teaching practicum in Grade 1. I fell in love with them, and immediately jumped at the opportunity to teach in Fort Assiniboine School. Last year, I was privileged to teach these same students in Grade 2. I am really looking forward to teaching them again this year!

A little about me: I was born in BC, however I moved to Barrhead before starting school. I love living in a small town, especially the sense of community that is found here. I grew up attending a small school in Neerlandia. We also had the long school days , so I understand how tired my students are at the end of the day. I love working with children. A passion of mine is to help students learn and overcome their challenges, no matter what situation they are in.

Some interesting facts: After taking them in University, I use both French and American Sign Language in my classroom. I usually say "Voici a demain" (See you tomorrow) at the end of the day. I also have taught my students simple signs so that my students can ask to use the washroom or get a drink without interrupting my class.  My favourite sport is Volleyball, which is why I coach Volleyball.


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