Lorna Hiemstra

School Administration, Teachers - Junior High


I have just completed my first year as a teacher and principal at Dunstable School. I am truly blessed to have obtained a position in this school and look forward to many more years here. The staff are wonderful people who are dedicated to helping children learn. The students are energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoy each other's company (most days). The community support here is fantastic! We are so fortunate to have parent volunteers who facilitate our breakfast program, hot lunches, read with students, join us on field trips, help us with track meets and many other events. Through school council fundraising we have obtained an iPad lab, another class set of laptops, a new school sign, an AED machine, and been on LOTS of field trips, like the Space Science Center, Prairie Gardens, Tri-Leisure Center, Outdoor Education in Hinton, skiing at Misty Ridge and more. School Council has also sponsored guests like Circus Terrifico and Discover E  to present at Dunstable.

I began teaching in 1993 in Swan Hills and have since taught at Fort Assiniboine and Barrhead Composite Schools. From 2010-12 I was involved in the AISI (Alberta Initiative for School Improvement) team and was fortunate to travel around our school division assisting teachers and students with technology and assessment. I am on the final stretch of completing a Master's Degree in Administration & Leadership. This summer I will be spending 6 weeks researching and writing about the use of technology in education.

We are fortunate at Dunstable School to have modern technological tools to assist in our learning. We are expanding our technology focus to include "digital citizenship" to ensure that technology is used in a safe and ethical manner.

I love learning. I am thankful for the support and opportunities that Pembina Hills Division provides teachers and students. Most of all, I am looking forward to continued learning adventures here at Dunstable!