I'm an Angry Bird

Telus World of Science Trip


On Tuesday November 15th, my Grade 3/4 class had the privilege of going to the Telus World of Science. We were able to share a bus with the Grades K-2. On the bus, we visited and talked about what we might see and do. When we got to the Telus World of Science, after using the washroom, we met a really nice lady who showed us where to go and put our backpacks. We were lead up the stairs, over a bridge, and down a hall to a room. In this room, there were a bunch of tables and coat racks. We placed our items at the back of the room and then we were allowed to start our exploring. We first wrote a few notes about what we saw in the hallways and then made our way back down stairs. We split up into 4 groups and wandered around the Syncrude Environment Gallery, taking notes on what we were doing. In this Gallery, we discovered many things about rocks, soil, ice and the climate. Some of us learned that scientists are able to test ice cores for chemicals, like lead. We also were able to learn about how some pine cones do not release their seeds unless they are in a fire. We also got to see how trees are affected by fire by looking at a tree cookie and seeing the damage in their life lines.There was a map that showed the size of fires. Some of us were shocked to see that fires we thought were “big” were actually small. We were also surprised to see how big the fire around Fort McMurray actually was, it looked like it took up more area than all the other fires in Alberta’s past combined! We got to see rocks and compare them to bones to see how Paleontologists find bones. Some of us got to see how lightning and tornados form. There were also a few students who got to look at some fish that can be found in Canadian waters, where they had to find specific species. We stayed in this Gallery for over 1.5 hours and only were able to see about half of the displays. Then we went upstairs for lunch and sat on the floor to eat. After lunch, we headed to the Angry Birds Exhibit. This Exhibit was full of many different activities. We were able to lift a 25 pound bird with 1, 2 and 3 pulley systems and found that the 3 pulleys made it easier to lift. Some groups were able to explore our solar system, learning about star formations that create birds like eagles and swans. We also were able to build cars and find out which car was faster based on how it was built. Then to end our trip, all of our classmates went on a swing zipline. It was so much fun!! We sat on a swing and had to kick down some foam blocks with a green pig on it, so it felt like we were in the Angry Birds game. Then we went and got our bags and had to go on the bus home. The day was so busy that some of us fell asleep on the bus. I, Miss Hoeksema, also received many comments from other parents and teachers who were at the Telus World of Science. They said that we were super respectful and polite. They also admired the fact that we cleaned up after ourselves as well as for strangers. The trip was so amazing and I am so proud of our kids!