A day at the Telus World of Science

On Tuesday, November 15, 2016 K,1,2 headed to Edmonton to the Telus World of Science.  We left the school first thing in the morning.  When we got the the Telus World of Science, we were enrolled in a program called "Super Senses".  During the program we learned about all 5 of our senses, through many hands on activities.  Some of these included reading Braille, when we were learning about our sight and smelling different vials and trying to figure out what we were smelling.  
After this we had our lunch and then headed to the feature exhibit, which was Angry Birds.  There were lots of cool hands on activities that the students got to try out.  The last activity we got to go to was in the Discoveryland. The students were able to have free time just discovering about being a pilot, flight attendant and even got to "check" bags through security.   In this area they were also able to play with water.  They had a huge water center where the had so much fun.
It was an amazing trip and the students had a blast learning in so many different ways!  We are very grateful for the opportunity that we had!