Student Fee Changes Communique

Dear Parents and Students,


As a result of questions brought forward by parents last fall, a review of the fee structure was conducted in the 2012-2013 school year with a goal of simplifying the structure and clarifying differences between Board-determined mandatory and optional fees as well as School-determined mandatory and optional fees.

At the April 10, 2013 Board meeting, the Trustees approved a change in rates for Board-determined mandatory Instructional Material Fees for the students of Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7.    

The result of the review is an updated Rates Annex 1 for Student Fees and Administrative Procedure 30-6 Instructional Fees.

A summary of the changes include:

  1. Kindergarten to Grade 6 Board-determined mandatory fee now includes student agendas.
  2. Junior and Senior High Board-determined mandatory fee now includes CTS (Career & Technology Studies) per credit fees, outdoor education, and band supply fees.


2013-2014 Instructional Materials Fees (Board Determined – Mandatory Fees)





Grades 7-12 - Barrhead Composite High School,                   R. F. Staples Secondary School and Vista             Virtual

                      – Eleanor Hall, Fort Assiniboine, Jarvie, Neerlandia, Swan Hills, and W. R. Frose




Family Rate - 4 children or more


(All Instruction Material Fees include a $1.00 student insurance fee)


While it is estimated that these changes will not result in any fee increases on average, some schools may experience increases to fees while others experience decreases. This is due to the averaging of fees amongst schools.


See attached chart for more details:


Mandatory Fees

Optional Fees (Parent/Student Choice)




Instructional Materials Fees

These fees are intended to support the expense of ‘consumable’ elements required for the delivery of the programs of study such as textbooks, workbooks, software, printing and copying expenses, etc.  (See Rates Annex 1- Student Fees.)


Transportation by choice

  • In town transportation fees (see Rates Annex 5 – In Town Transportation Fees)
  • Transportation out of attendance area (see Rates Annex 4 – Rural Transportation Fees)

Instrument rental fees

If a family decides to rent an instrument from the jurisdiction (school):

  • They shall pay a caution fee refundable on the return of the instrument, undamaged.
  • And an annual rental fee defined in the Rates Annex 1 – Student Fees




Caution Fees

  • Schools may establish a refundable caution fee for courses for which the school is required pre-pay tuition to an external agency or educational partner.  Refunds occur upon course completion.

      Examples:  Green Certificate, Health Care Aid Program

  • Schools may establish a refundable caution fee for reusable resources.  Refunds occur upon return of the resource

      Examples: library books, textbooks


School Supply fees

  • Some schools provide the opportunity for parents to acquire paper, pens, binders, notebooks, etc. at school rather than distributing a supplies list


Co and Extracurricular expenses (Travel, accommodations, etc.)

  • Athletics Fees (to play a school sport)
  • The Arts (Citadel, drama, music, etc.)
  • Travel clubs
  • Leadership clubs
  • Swim Lessons, Skiing, etc.


Consumables for optional or special projects

  • E.g.  Building materials, unique art opportunities, etc.