Social Studies 7

7/8 Social Studies Course Outline

This year’s social study is based on the grade 7 curriculum and is designed to help you to think historically about the formation of our great country, Canada, before and after Confederation. We will use a variety of resources on-line, film, and the text Voices and Visions.

General Outcomes:  First we will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the distinct roles of and relationships among, the Aboriginal, French and British peoples in forging the foundations of Canadian Confederation. Second we will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the political, economic and social changes that have occurred since Confederation have presented challenges and opportunities for individuals and communities.

Evaluation: A continuous process is used to evaluate you according to values, attitudes, knowledge and skills you have learned. You will be given a variety of ways to show what you know. Each Unit will have multiple forms of assessment. Class work and quizzes will help you to apply, synthesize and evaluate what you have learned as formative assessment. Unit tests, culminating assignments, the midterm and the final will provide you the opportunity to sum up your learning. Summative scores will result in your final grade and will be weighted as follows:

Unit 1: Toward Confederation     

Unit 2: Following Confederation    

Unit 3: Current Events     

Coursework: Assignments, Presentations, unit tests and quizzes       75%

Midterm     10%

Final     15%

Expectations: All students are required to retest or resubmit an assignment if a mark of less than 50% occurs on the first attempt. Any student may choose to redo once. In most cases an average of the two marks will be recorded.



I can be reached at school (584-3751) or on my cell (305-8227). Homework assignments, due dates and news are listed on our school website: You can also access your progress on Powerschool by using your personal username and password.