Hoeksema - 3/4

On this page you can find the spelling words for Grade 3 and Grade 4.

January 23- 24th:

Group A- part, talk, great, love, over

Group B- again, bring, leave, read, city

Group C - Simple, narrow, already, change, money

Group D - Common, understand, dance, since, table


Jan. 30- Feb.  3rd - Spelling Review

Group A: Part, Talk, Great, Love, Over, Same, Open, Must, Come, With, Made, Most, Gave, Take, Stay

Group B:Again, Bring, Leave, Read, City, Water, Round, Often, World, Light, Along, Today, Place, Next, Within

Group C: Simple, Narrow, Already, Change, Money, Young, Close, Letter, Knew, Group, Ahead, Lunch, Point, Chair, Kind

Group D: Common, Understand, Dance, Since, Table, Problem, Picture, Speed, Mixed, River, Power, Useful, Heart, Range, Order